#BellyButtonChallenge: Die absurdesten Körpertrends auf Instagram

Körpertrends 2015



Hier seht ihr Vertreterinnen der Gegenbewegung #Boobsoverbellybuttons, die gleichzeitig auf Brustkrebs aufmerksam machen soll. Und dieser Trend dürfte auch den Männern gefallen:

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Thank you @space__gypsy for bringing this to my attention!! I saw a post about the #bellybuttonchallenge in Facebook a few days ago and at the time it was really only in Japan. I'm so sad but (sadly) not shocked it spread. This is a stupid and painful challenge. You are beautiful no matter what, even if you can't contort your arm around your back to touch your belly button. It's silly and proves nothing. Thank you @curvykate for the #boobsoverbellybuttons challenge! Always remember to check your breasts! I lost a loved one to breast cancer. She left two little kids behind. They're like family and it is so sad that they will grow up without their mom. If I tag you, feel free to join this challenge in spreading #breastcancerawareness. It could save a life.

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