Unser Anteil am Klimawandel: Wie viel CO² produzieren wir jährlich?

Footprints Neil Baird

Alex, Kleinunternehmerin, 5.5 Tonnen CO²

Alex betreibt ein kleines Geschäft, welches vegane rohe Snacks herstellt, die dann auf lokalen Märkten vertrieben werden. Sie lebt zusammen im Haus mit ihrer Mutter, ihrem Bruder und zeitweise diversen Freunden.

‘I know that climate change has been happening for years now, and everybody knows about it, but there’s no big change. We’re not looking after how beautiful this planet is. And we’re not getting together and saying ‘let’s live a lifestyle that is sustainable. People could eat a lot less meat – diet is really important. And I don’t see why they need to drive so much, and not shop more local. Why do you need to buy things that come from so far away. I don’t understand why people don’t think about it – it just seems obvious. It should be socially unacceptable to not think about what we consume in all sorts of ways. Actually sometimes we all get caught up in a consumer lifestyle and you have to say ‘hold on, what are you doing?’ and you have to wake up to it. I don’t watch TV but I see just from the people around me that there is so much pressure in the culture to have more stuff. When you go shopping you see things and think what is all this about? I am fairly immune from the pressure but I see it just from talking to other people. I just hope there will be more and more people whose eyes are opening. I have loads of friends who have never voted but are now voting green, because they see that this is the only way we’ll get something done here. So I’m hoping that in a few years time we can get some more influence in the country and that the government starts to create incentives for living more sustainable lifestyles. We should be rewarded for doing the good things. There’s a lot of room for more legislation to encourage people.’

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