Sport in der Schwangerschaft? Übertreibt es mal nicht

Fitness in Schwangerschaft Frauen

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BUMP UPDATE ? 38 weeks…. Only 14 days to go ? An I am still baking ? this little coconut of mine, he is rock bottom, very active & giving me constant pressure "down there" as if to tease me like he's ready but not giving up easily. Maybe my active lifestyle, long work days & events have him super comfy as we all know babies love movement & attention. This journey is almost over & I have to say it's been the most AMAZING journey imaginable. I've learnt so much about the human body, about creating life, how to bring up a little human & I've learnt that I was capable of a lot more then I ever thought. I remember opening up my business @hiit_australia & people had whispered that I was over doing it, that I would burn out, get chronic fatigue, I wasn't living blah blah blah well the lifestyle they judged only intensified & now I'm doing it whilst 9months pregnant. I honestly believe if you respect your body & I mean properly respect it and most importantly if you have a healthy mindset (no self hate, no bad relationships with who you are or with food etc) the body will work the way it was designed to. I was blessed to have found my love for this lifestyle at a young age (I believe) & with that, made it my career. I get to meet incredible people everyday, I get to see people smile from within because they successfully changed their lives & I get to go to bed each night proud of the person I am. I wouldn't say I've never made a mistake…I've made plenty, I wouldn't say I just straight up succeeded…I fell many times. I would say, I never gave up on wanting to be the best version of ME! My baby will be given two of the best examples of what love, happiness, kindness & life is all about. He will be given two people who will demonstrate how important it is to help others & most importantly he will be given a home of wealth. Wealth to me is a busy house of many children, passionate parents & a lot of noise. Everything I have done up until this point was to be in the position I am in today. Labour is around the corner & I am so… TO CONTINUE READING CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO (Facebook page) ?

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