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Instagram: Dieser Papa zeigt, wie das Leben mit vier Töchtern wirklich ist

Simon Hopper ist Vater, Ehemann und berufstätig. Auf Instagram teilt er wunderbar ehrliche Fotos über das Elternsein – und den Stress damit.

Kinder bekommen soll das größte Glück der Welt sein. Es soll erfüllend, unbeschreiblich besonders und vor allem nichts vergleichbar schönes geben. Dass es auch ziemlich überfordernd sein kann, wird in der Welt der Außendarstellung dabei häufig vergessen. Wunderschöne Bloggereltern mit wunderschönen Bloggerbabies kennen keinen Stress. Auf Instagram und anderen sozialen Netzwerken präsentieren sie ihre perfekte Welt, voller Harmonie und Leichtigkeit. Da ist kein Platz für volle Windeln und Schreihälse. Aber zum Kinderglück gehören die unangenehmen Seiten genauso dazu, wie zu allen anderen Dingen im Leben auch. Sie brauchen Aufmerksamkeit, kosten Geld, sind laut und immer in Bewegung, stellen 1000 Fragen, weinen und sehen in ihren Eltern keinen Menschen mit eigenen Bedürfnissen – diese werden für die nächsten 18 Jahre nämlich ganz hinten angestellt.


„Manchmal vergesse ich, zu essen – wohingegen die Zwillinge drei Mahlzeiten am Tag bekommen, direkt in ihren Mund gelöffelt.“


Ein Mann wendet das Blatt und beleuchtet das Eltern-Dasein von der anderen Seite: Simon Hopper. Er ist Vater von 4 Mädchen, die Jüngsten sind Zwillinge. Mit viel Ehrlichkeit und einer großen Portion Humor, bekennt er sich auf Instagram zum gestressten und überfordernden Vater. Was ihn jedoch keinesfalls weniger liebend erscheinen lässt, ganz im Gegenteil, es ist spürbar wie er seine „Girl Gang“ vergöttert und dennoch manchmal betonen muss, dass er „immer noch ein Mann“ ist. Der „father of daughters“, wie er sich selbst auf Instagram nennt, ist die Stimme derer, die ihre Kinder manchmal einfach gerne abgeben würden, wenigstens für ein paar Tage. Urlaub von der Beanspruchung nehmen und einfach mal wieder man selbst sein, das fängt bei Körperpflege an und endet bei Partynächten die der Vergangenheit angehören. „Jamie Olivers 15 Minuten Mahlzeiten, werden zu Simon Hopper’s 90 Minuten Pfuscharbeit werden: Am Ende schmeißt du einfach alles zusammen und hoffst das Beste“, so beschreibt Simon seinen Versuch sich und die Mädels gut zu ernähren. Und auch andere Alltagssituationen werden zur Akrobatik, sei es Einkaufen, Freunde einladen, oder einfach nur zu Bett zu gehen. Eintauschen würde er seine schöne Frau und die vier Mädels jedoch gegen nichts, trotz schlafloser Nächte und kleiner Identitätskrisen. Nach diesen Bildern bekommt ihr garantiert auch Lust auf ein perfektes unperfektes Familienglück.

Its been a while since we had to share a room with Ottie & Delilah, so last night was a sharp reminder of what it's like to share confined sleeping quarters with little humans who stir when a fly farts in the next room. Add in they're constipated, were teething & the fact our blackout blind has suction cups that have the power of a 20 yr old vaccum cleaner with a full bag & who's heart just isnt in his career choice any more & the result is a night of sleep similar to what you might get on a long train journey when you know you can't miss your stop – broken sleep that doesn't count. Despite sleeping as still as morgue occupants, the twins woke at the slightest noise we made, at which point @mother_of_daughters & I would argue under the covers like old women at the back of church about who's turn it was to retrieve the dropped muslin or sooth them – in the end it didn't matter as sun peeked in past the pointless blind & indicated that our chance for sleep had died. Next time I'm sleeping the car. #roommateswithinsomnia #illbeinthecar #lightsleepersheavyfarters #FatherofDaughters #fod #dadlife #instadad

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Finally after a week of essentially living like nomads (we've slept in 5 different places in 6 days) we're on the last leg with one obstacle to overcome – packing the sodding car…..again – something I've now done 5 times this week which had to be a record of some sort that no one wants to hold. Each day it got more challenging as we accumulated yet more stuff we didn't need – balls, beach games, replacements for things we forgot to bring in the first place and will now have duplicates of, food I refuse to bin, souvenirs we'll take home and either break, lose or put in a box to be forgotten about until we rediscover them when we move house. It all goes in if we hold our breath & suck in for the entire journey, so if you see us on the motorway do is a favour and get out the way before we all turn blue. #packingupteamhooper #roofboxesareforquitters #youcanalwaysmakemoreroom #FatherofDaughters #dadlife #fod #itwillgoin #nobodybreath #instadad

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With Anya at a surf lesson & Marnie entertaining bemused on lookers who were trying to figure out if all the blond girls were ours, @mother_of_daughters went to forage for snacks at the local shop (& stretched it out for 20mins – love those jobs where you're selling it as a good deed for the family, but in actual fact, you're just stealing a break), leaving me in charge of the girls who's names I don't know (the twins). Her instruction of "On no account let the girls get wet or sandy as we don't have spare nappies or clothes" drifted out to sea on the Cornish breeze & straight passed my selective hearing ears. Within 3 mins, they looked like they had been in a bath fully clothed, their lips had turned a beautiful shade of hypothermia blue & had sand in every known human crevice but were having a riot at the same time. Upon Clemmie's return, I was on the recieving end of mum glare – If looks could kill, I'd be staring at the inside of a box right now. Tonight will no doubt be like wiping babies bums with 80 grit sandpaper. Oh Joy. #80gritwipes #mumglare #theyhadfunandsodidibeforeiwaskilled #mygirls #girlsjustwannahavefun #twins #holiday #cornwall #fod #whendadsincharge #FatherofDaughters #instadad #instadad

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Hands up if you've ever arrived at a destination the day before you were supposed? Yes Ottie, you're correct, Neither had we…..until today. We've driven 6 hours in the last 2 days & have finally made it to Cornwall still on speaking terms (just) so we started off well. After my last post, it seems Cornwall is in fact, just one massive congregation of people wanting to show off their massive roof boxes (overcompensating for something, I'm sure) while I opened the boot to watch most of the contents eject itself from the rear of the car like a spring loaded clothes cannon. As I picked up my Hugo boss wedding suit that now looks like a charity shop discount bin find, I turned to find @mother_of_daughters looking like she'd just discovered someone had shat in her handbag. We'd arrived a day early @thepark_cornwall & now had no where to sleep. That's why I'm writing this post from a caravan park outside of newquay. But every cloud has a silver lining – Clemmie found the laundry room, the twins are now firmly best friends (hand holding & everything) & the older girls have vanished – we're winning again! #statichomesweethome #caravanclubwithoutthesex #dayearly #packingupagaintomorrow #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #Fod #instadad

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This morning both Clemmie & I were feeling a little 'delicate' (thanks @housecurious for providing all the gin) so my energy & patience for wrestling 2 consortionist invertebrates into their high chairs was equal to my love of 'special adult headaches' i.e. non existent. In the end, they sat on the table while I waved soggy Cheerios near their mouths with my eyes periodically opening to check they were actually getting fed – A low point in my parenting career. We were heading down to the west country today & yesterday we'd agreed we'd leave at 10am. Ha! At 12.30pm, I was still packing the car while Marnie cried about her lost headphones, Anya cried about her seat allocation, the twins cried about the car snacks on offer & Clemmie cried about her headache & at having to share her seat with a travel cot. I briefly considered the virtues of purchasing a roof box before my male ego slapped me back into shape & reminded me that I'm a dad & therefore can & will fit all our worldly possessions into a 1 x1.5m space. Think of it as 3D Tertis – Just with added swearing & alot of cursing @mother_of_daughters case which was 3 times bigger than anyone elses & I assume was filled with concrete as it weighed as much as a small town. #iwillneverbuyaroofbox #roofboxesarebasicallyadmittingdefeat #thinkshespackedrocksagain #cartetris #ipackcarsthatswhatidonow #breakfastfail #parenting #twins #FatherofDaughters #fod #dadlife #instadad

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