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Boom Baby! Auch dein kurviger Körper ist dein Tempel!

Um erfolgreich Yoga zu betreiben, musst du schlank und gelenkig sein? Falsch! Diese Amerikanerin beweist, dass Yoga für alle Körperformen geeignet ist.

This may sound harsh but I'm just curious…how long before all the liberal white tears stop falling and everyone stops crying about Trump 2016 in favor of excitement over pumpkin spice lattes or whatever else? Because let's be real- this public outcry against the American presidential election probably only has the strength of a news cycle. I'm sorry, was that too brusque? Trust me I know this is a sad/sensitive time- I'm black, queer and I rep North Carolina for better or worse. But every "shocked"/"horrified"/"scared"/"I'm so abysmally sad" social media status has left me more confused than I expected to feel. Did y'all just realize that racism is alive and well in America? I mean, I can't tell you how many people hit me up with photos of the impromptu KKK presence in the streets of Mebane, NC yesterday. Those fuckers have been stars of my nightmares since I came out of Tangela's womb, but did y'all just remember them? Is that why you're so "shocked"/"horrified"/"scared"/"…abysmally sad"? For the record, they've always been present. They weren't eradicated just because you thought we live in a "post racial America," whatever that means. Y'all, this isn't a different America than the one we woke up in on Tuesday morning. Stop acting brand new. Stop looking for sympathy where it isn't deserved. Dry your tears and use all that thumb tapping power to bring good energy and positive action into this world, not stroke your own ego. If you're feeling guilt because you didn't convince your relatives/loved ones not to vote for the Donald, then admit it. If you're a person of privilege and you're struggling with personal responsibility for the election results, acknowledge your privilege and use it for good. But please calm down with all this foot stomping and tear sniffing- it doesn't create strength or action, it just reads like the ramblings of a disappointed kindergartener. Regardless of US presidency, we have all the tools to live in harmony with one another. But we have to accept our own responsibility and stop looking outside of ourselves for the answers to our problems. Leggings- @rainbeaucurves Fingers + Toes- @yogapaws ? by @lydiahudgens

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I wish I could stay in Singapore longer- even though shopping for a size bigger than medium is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. After my @themammothco yoga classes, we talked about how the small bodied stereotype of Asian women means anyone who doesn't fit into that norm ends up feeling like an outcast. I already commiserated because, as a curvy dark skinned black woman, the American beauty standard of slender+light skinned femininity made parts of my adolescence somewhere short of a nightmare. But it wasn't until I saw how hard it was to find plus size clothes (OR EVEN A FUCKING LARGE) at Singaporeon locations of mainstays like @hm & @forever21 that I really felt the pain of curvy Asian women. I mean, damn- these retailers act like it would end the world to make a size 14/16 readily accessible. AND WHAT IF YOU'RE LARGER THAN THAT?? Does it basically require online shopping? Wait, but real talk- WHERE DO FAT GIRLS SHOP IN SINGAPORE? Inquiring minds want to know. All jokes aside, I feel insanely lucky to be able to live this life, especially considering how many of my brothers and sisters around the world do not have nearly as much freedom or active happiness. Honestly, being one of Asia's fat, black flamingos is a luxury in more ways than one. Please, universe- PLEASE know I don't take it for granted.✌?️✌?️ out, Singapore- y'all are dope as hell. See you next time. EDIT- to the person who asked why I wear thongs in yoga photos, I am not wearing a thong. I was just blessed with an ass that'll swallow up boy shorts & turn them into g-strings. ??? Socks- @forever21 Undies- @calvinklein Hand me down top courtesy of megababe @nettythebakingbetty

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