Unser Anteil am Klimawandel: Wie viel CO² produzieren wir jährlich?

Footprints Neil Baird

Katie, Unternehmerin, 24.5 Tonnen CO²

Katie betreibt einen kleinen Vertrieb, der Produkte aus aller Welt, unter anderem China und den USA, importiert.

‘I only know about climate change from what I hear on the news. But whenever they talk about it, it seems to be so far in the future that I don’t think about it as affecting me. It seems like a selfish attitude to have but I don’t really see how me changing anything is going to make any difference, unless the whole world does it. The problem is enormous. It makes you feel small and insignificant to think about. So I just carry on doing what I’m doing, and put it out of my mind. I think if we knew that if we don’t do something now then in twenty years time this or that is going to happen, or will have happened, then it would start to become a little bit more relevant. If they say in two hundred years things will be like this, I just think, well I’ll be long gone! And in that case it really is not my problem. If there was a tax on high carbon products then I’d be more interested, it would bring it more to the forefront. I would also probably begrudge it, but at the same time, well everyone begrudges any tax. But I think then I’d pay more attention. I’d think ok what is this, why am I being charged this? It becomes more personal. I don’t see any way that we’re not going to end up in big trouble. Who’s to say the planet won’t take over. Climates are already changing all over the world, and it’s because of what we’re doing to. Mother nature will only take so much before she will hit back. We’re already seeing the signs, and that will only become more evident.’

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