Unser Anteil am Klimawandel: Wie viel CO² produzieren wir jährlich?

Footprints Neil Baird

Bev, Polizist, 17.2 Tonnen CO²

Bev ist „Umweltschutz-Polizist“ bei der ‚Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)‘. Er liebt es, seine Motorräder zu fahren, vier Stück hat er. Er lebt allein.

‘The ice caps have come and gone on a 180,000 year cycle but it is evident that they are now melting at a rate faster than they normally would. Human impacts have made a great contribution to some aspects of climate change, We are in a cycle and we can’t stop it. I honestly don’t know the answer. Maybe we can slow it down a bit, but I do think we’ll end up going back to water where we came from at some point.I am not very optimistic – I really do not know what we could do to make a difference. Personally I’m not surprised at the size of my carbon footprint, it does make me reflect on the sustainability of my current lifestyle. I live in an old stone building with very poor thermal properties.‘

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