Unser Anteil am Klimawandel: Wie viel CO² produzieren wir jährlich?

Footprints Neil Baird

Alice, Hilfspredigerin, 15.4 Tonnen CO²

Alice ist Hilfspredigerin in einer ländlichen englischen Gemeinde. Sie lebt mit ihrem Mann in einer alten Pfarrwohnung, welche nicht nach modernen Standards isoliert ist.

‘Climate change is a big and important issue that is not getting the action that it needs because the action probably comes at a cost that I suspect as a society we are not prepared to make. Our parishioners probably reflect the population in the area – there will be some on whose agendas the issue will be near the top, a few that would deny that this is an issue at all, and the majority who would think ‘yes this is something important’. But it’s not at the top of their agenda. And I think it is reasonable that the church should be doing something to actually pull it up people’s agendas.
I think we have the capacity to take the actions we need to take. Whether we do or not is a different matter. I think we are right to be worried, and that’s maybe part of bringing people on board, but we need to have the possibility that we can do something that will make a difference. Can we do that? Of course we can for goodness sake, we’ve only got to stop being quite so greedy haven’t we!
I think the Christian line is that at some point, at some time God will take the mess that we’ve made and bring about from it his recreation of planet earth. But taking the good efforts that we’ve made and that being a part of it. God won’t be limited by us, but playing our part is part of it. We do have a responsibility to play our part and to help in that process’.

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