Unser Anteil am Klimawandel: Wie viel CO² produzieren wir jährlich?

Footprints Neil Baird

Mike, Gärtner, 9.1 Tonnen CO²

Mike ist zwar Rentner, arbeitet aber Teilzeit als Gärtner. Er lebt mit seiner Frau in einem alten Haus mitten im Naturschutzgebiet. Sie heizen mit Öl, Kohle und Holz. Dies macht ein Drittel seines ökologischen Fußabdrucks aus.

‘I do know quite a bit about climate change, but the trouble is you’ve got the two camps, and one is saying one thing, and the other something else. You hear about the ice cap in the Antarctic and Greenland, they’re saying it’s been bigger than its ever been and it’s not melting. And then you see a documentary on the North Pole one where its pouring down and the glaciers are melting. You’re not sure what to believe. It depends which camp you’re in and what financial aspects there are to it. There are vested interests. This place that we’ve got here… it leaks. If you were to put a thermal camera around for the heat loss you’d see it’s a nightmare. We spend pounds on heating it. If you’ve got to do that we ought to start knocking all these listed buildings down. Back when I was a teenager, my father grew dahlias for showing, and I can remember that in April and into May there used to be frosts. March and April used to be wet, you could guarantee showers, May would turn out to be all thunderstorms. But since then, the frosts have lessened, and the rainfall has got more, things have changed.’

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